Community Guide – What is the Police Complaints Procedure?

The police is dedicated to guaranteeing that the service offered by the force is as efficient in handling criminal activity and developing an existence as possible. In order to completely attain its guarantees, the authorities’ complaints procedure remains in place. This makes it simple for members of the general public to make a complaint, safe in the understanding that it will be handled in a reasonable and expert way.


Misbehavior by any member of the police is never ever endured in the tiniest and will be handled in the strictest of good manners.

Kinds of Misbehaviors

There are various kinds of behavior that may make up misbehavior. Anything from nasty language to extreme force or perhaps more illegal criminal offenses are all accepted as misbehavior. The police is, naturally, dedicated to serving the general public and treats this very seriously; any tip that communication or understanding has actually broken down will be right away handled.

The Process

The police problems procedure has several paths and phases that can be picked, frequently depending upon the intensity of the complaint. First of all, if the complaint is a small one then a senior law enforcement officer might handle it. Frequently this includes a senior officer in the exact same area as the offence or declared misbehavior.

The Authority

The Police Commission has the ability to function as well. The Police Commission can call the police on behalf of the complainant and guarantee the appropriate strategy is followed. If the criminal activity is more major then the Police Commission can take control of the authorities’ problems procedure, hence making sure that a reasonable and impartial examination occurs.


When a problem is made, all offered info will be anticipated. The individual making the problem will be needed to define precisely what took place, what was stated and the individuals associated with the event.

After all of the proof has actually been collected and took a look at, a choice will be made concerning whether the problem is to be formally tape-recorded. In small cases, an apology or description suffices.

Severe Cases

If the claim is of a more severe nature, then the case will most likely be described the Police Commission. If this holds true, it will be examined by a commissioner in a reasonable and objective way. This level of action is used when someone has actually been hurt or jeopardized by a member of the police – officers or administrative staff alike.


After being referred, there are a number of results: The officer in question might be criminally charged, there might be some way of disciplinary hearing or there might be no additional action whatsoever.

The police complaints procedure needs to be expert and extensive. If it cannot be so then the link in between the police and the general public might quickly break down. There is even an independent body through the Police Commission to control police problems and the mindset to such matters is among genuineness and professionalism.