We’re preparing to reveal and new program at the OCCPS Community where our members can participate in the development and influence this place has. We’ll be presenting in stages a new “Write for Us” program where Community members can send visitor blog site posts, understanding base posts, and foundation for money and boodle.

Guest Blogging

The first stage of the Write for Us program is the Guest Blogging. There isn’t really any money payment to write a visitor article for us but you do get a link back to your blog/site and great deals of Community congratulations. Visitor blogging is open to anybody who’s using OCCPS to do some actually cool information science things. This consists of pointers and techniques or perhaps some cool Groovy Script, Python, or R hacks with OCCPS. Think of anything cool you finish with OCCPS and share it!


The 2nd stage of the Write for Us program is where you can make cold hard money and boodle. There is a wealth of understanding saved in our Community members heads. We get a peek of it when you all post in the online forums and develop unique options.

Why not take what you’ve striven to fix a make some $$$ with it? If you produced a Building Block that does something cool and cool? Send it and get $$$. Have a terrific idea of a Knowledge Base post? Send it and get $$$! We’ll develop an additional boodle contest for most significant factor to the Community too.

Naturally there will be terms to both of these stages so check out the Community News area as we present this program.